27 Sep

I awoke this morning and decided to check on Munsha and Chunky, no need to check on Tadar since he sleeps half the night in our bed anyway. I checked on them last night and found Chunky asleep on the floor. Chunky is my 3-year-old. I really hate it when he sleeps on the floor. I’m so afraid that something will crawl in his ears or nose or something, even though I haven’t seen anything outside of a sugar ant. I picked him up and put him in the bed with Munsha because I thought that maybe his bed was uncomfortable to him but that wasn’t the case. When I walked into their room this morning he was in the same spot on the floor with his pillow pet and his blanket. I just don’t know what to do about that. His father said just leave him so I will the next time. He’s spending the night with cousins tonight so I wont know until Thursday night.

Munsha got a yellow today for playing instead of working. I asked him if he had finished his work and he said yes. I believe him. He completed his homework as usual. We didn’t go over his sight words today because it feels so out of routine since Chunky is gone. His dad took him to play basketball this evening. His dad plays for hobby, Munsha likes to watch and shoot a little hoops afterward. Tatar stayed with me. He is my 15 month old and a hand full. I prepared red beans for dinner with ground beef and chicken. As I began chopping the veggies I turned to see Tatar licking the empty ground beef container that I just threw in the trash. I immediately snatched it and washed his mouth out with dish soap. I didn’t know what else to do, I kind of panicked. I called my grandmother because I couldn’t get in touch with my mama. She calmed me and told me that he would be just fine. We shall see. So far so good, that was about three hours ago. Baby has been moving a lot today, mostly when I have to go poo, when I consume something hot or cold and when I lie down. Did I mention that I work full-time at an adult day habilitation facility. I am direct care and office assistant. They take me for granted, but I need the job.


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