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21 Aug

I feel so great today. I woke up feeling lovely! I guess it was a plus to awaken to no baby in the bed. Just me and my husband cuddling like the good old days. I was extra energized at work today and work can be very draining. But I happened to make it work. I got through the day and made it home to an empty house. I am kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to clean it because I fell straight to sleep and slept longer than I needed to. Maybe I can go for a day 2 of this natural high I’m on. ¬†Welp, it’s time for me to go pick up the kids. By then, they will be ready for bed and I’m all refreshed. And no I ¬†absolutely do not feel terrible that I was unable to spend a lot of time with them today. Mommy needs her breaks too, you know! Until next time…



20 Aug

I have been so busy this past year, that I completely forgot all about my blog. Lawd knows I needs me some ‘mamatherapy’. Starting December of last year, we welcomed another bouncing bundle of joy into our energetic family. I have been going through bouts of Postpartum depression, stress, hair loss, weight fluctuations, and just plain old lost my damn mind. This baby has brought it’s ups and downs, but it’s beginning to get easier now. He’s soon to be 8 months and he’s starting to sleep on his own. I quit my job, funds got tight so I went crawling back. Causing me to lose a little more sanity. But anyway…I’m back!